Shipping charges may vary -/+ from the quoted cost.

Here are a few variables

  • Website shipping calculations sometimes do not add up correctly due to package sizes and order combinations of product. We will issue you a credit if charged to much at the time of ordering or email you in the case that it is more.
  • UPS are in business to make a profit and their charges are out of our control
  • UPS charges a surcharge for packages longer than 60 inches in length
  • Shipping may seam high due to the low cost of our products, please do you math before ordering from another store. USA customers do NOT pay any tax. YES USA TAX FREE
  • Shipping a Single blind is about the same shipping charge as 2 or 3 blinds. It costs UPS the same amount of gas to deliver
  • We only manually quote shipping charges on orders over $150.00
  • Sorry we do not ship outside of North America
  • Call us 1-800-990-3445