Frequently Asked Questions

Can your blinds be used outside on a screened porch?
Yes they can. The best blind for outside is our Tortoise design, Amber Honey and Natural colors. Spray with a clear lacquer to protect the natural fibers from the elements to prolong the blinds life span.
The tortoise blinds are made from the hard outer skin of the bamboo pole. It is more dense, and less porous.

Do you take custom blind orders?
No we do not do any custom blind orders. All our blinds are cut to the desired length at the factory and woven together. Most blinds can be trimmed an inch on either side before it starts affecting the integrity of the blind.

What are your shipping policies?
Please visit our shipping policies page at:

What is your return policy?
Sorry we do not accept returns on our blinds period, we advise to order one blind in the size required or our smallest size as a sample. (yes we charge you)

How much is shipping?
Continue to checkout for your instant online quote.
If shipping is less than quoted once we prepare your order, we will send you a refund for the difference charged.
How are the dimensions measured?
The blinds dimensions are Width x Length. For example: 36" by 72" is 3 foot wide, and the blind will drop down 6 feet.